Thomas (shepline) wrote,

The Joy of the Old

Emma and I went antique hunting today, down to Yarnton Nurseries where we browsed the cabinets and corners of the lean to on the edge of the garden centre. I got all excited over various old scales - some old post-office scales - and some Salter cooking scales. Now I do have some very nice scales already but these one's are just like the ones I grew up with. I had to buy them! :-)

We also found a quilted bedspread, similar to the ones that we saw in bedspread, which we bought for the spare bed.

On a more oddity basis we also bought a weird double saucepan - a saucepan within a saucepan which we figure would have been used for/could be used for, reheating food, or melting chocolate in the inner pan over water in the outer.
Tags: antigues

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